SAE India and Maruti Suzuki to commence 5th edition of SUPRA (abbreviated from Super Racing), from 4th – 9th July 2016

Event Highlights:

  • India’s biggest formula student championship, SUPRA SAEIndia will be held at Formula 1 track, Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida.
  • The event will come into action from July, 4 – July, 9 2016.
  • A total of 150 teams comprising of 3,750 participants from across the country will be participating in SUPRA this year.
  • In the 5th edition of the SUPRA SAEIndia, around 200 women will participate this year.

Along with Maruti Suzuki India Limited, SAE India is all set to kick off SUPRA, India’s biggest formula student competition, from 4th July – 9th July 2016, at the Formula 1 track, Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida.

Introduced in 2011 in India, SUPRA (Super Racing Formula championship) is based on the Formula SAE contest organised by SAE International, held annually in the USA. The Formula SAE competition began in 1978 and originally called as SAE Mini Indy. The event is designed according to the Indian Government’s Automotive Mission Plan 2016.

The Formula SAE, a student designed competition has a potential to explore and demonstrate the skills of automobile engineering professionals. The SUPRA offers the engineering students a chance to practically apply their skills in the field of designing, developing and manufacturing automobiles. With over a 100 professionals from more than 25 organisations, the event gets support from the Indian automotive industry and come here to help in all possible ways. It gives a challenge to the new students to prove and develop their skills and aptitude  in automobile engineering.  

SAE India and Maruti Suzuki want maximum number of women participants in the event. Two special award categories have been announced this year to encourage the more participation of women contestants in SUPRA SAE India 2016. The best woman participant and the team with the maximum number of women participants are going to be special prizes. Around 200 women contestants will participate in SAEIndia SUPRA or super racing formula this year.

Speaking at the conference, Prashant K Banerjee, convener, SUPRA SAE India 2016 and Deputy Executive Director (Technical), Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), said that how with the support  of Indian automotive industry and academia, SAE India SUPRA has set a high standard in the student formula competitions.

The concept behind SUPRA SAEINDIA is that a fictional manufacturing company which has contracted an engineering student design team to develop a small Formula-style race car with specific guidelines. This prototype race car, which is developed and built by the students is to be evaluated on various parameters by technical experts.

This event will help in fostering the competitive spirit among the future automobile engineers. It will enhance the employ-ability of young students in the organisations and also prepare them for new challenging assignments. An experienced panel of  international experts and technical leaders from the Indian automotive industry will judge the upcoming SUPRA finale. The overall winning trophy will go to the team with  the best combination of design, on-track performance, construction and cost of engineering.