World Robotic Olympiad 2016 at Greater Noida


The International Championship of the World Robotic Olympiad 2016 to be held from 25 Nov through 27 Nov 2016 at Greater Noida.

World Robotic Olympiad is an event for science, technology, and education, which brings together the young technologists from across the world to develop their creativity, design, and problem solving skills through challenging and educational robotic activities and competitions.

Organizers of WRO 2016 are: National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) jointly with India STEM Foundation.

This year the theme for WRO is “Rap the Scrap” that will focus on waste management. Today, over 6 billion people live on planet Earth, generating an estimated 1.9bn tons of domestic, industrial, medical, electronic, radioactive, toxic, and hazardous waste every year. According to experts, the waste generated will double by 2025.

Most of the people don’t know that 60% of waste generated by a household is recyclable. The event will aware  people about managing recycling wastes which would help prevent spread of diseases. Hence, we have to find ways to reduce, manage, and recycle wastes.

9-year-old Shardul Sachin Kakade from Swami Vivekananda Primary School at Chembur, Mumbai designed  three different robots in a mechanized disposable system which will collect and segregate waste before sending them to a recycling plant.

To remove metal waste from water bodies in and around the city, three 14-year-old students from Birla Industrial and Technological Museum have been working on a robot.

At WRO 2016 teams will be challenged to come up with innovative solutions to reduce, recycle, and manage waste. 245 teams present ideas on how to manage recycling waste using robotic models in the national championship.

Winners of  national championship will represent India in the international championship of the World Robotic Olympiad 2016 at Greater Noida.

Competitions in World Robotic Olympiad 2016:

Regular Category: It is a challenged based competition. Here, teams will build robots that are designed to solve a given challenge set on the table.

Open Category: It is theme based competition. Teams will allow to use their creativity and problem solving skills while constructing intelligent robotic solutions relating to the current theme.

WRO Football: Under this competition teams of two autonomous robots play a game of football on a playing field.

Advanced Robotics Challenge with bowling: It is based on the Matrix and TETRIX robotics building systems.