PAX MUN, 2016! At Delhi Public School, Greater Noida


Event Highlights:

Date: Thursday, 11-12-13 August 2016, 8:00 AM

Venue: Delhi Public School, Greater Noida

Hosted By: PAX MUN (Model United Nations)

Delhi Public School, Greater Noida is proud to host its 3rd edition of Annual Model United Nations-PAX MUN, 2016, “Justicia en la conferencia”

Why you should attend the MUN?

Attending a Model UN conference will be a great platform for young leaders for enhancing their skills like leadership & public speaking skills, research and negotiation skills, debate & discussion skills. MUN also involves critical thinking and teamwork. You can more aware of today’s world problems and issues in this conference.

Such events organise around the world. It is a unique opportunity for you to develop your personality by increasing self-confidence.

MUN participants known as delegates include students at middle school, high-school and college or university levels.